About CommunewithGod.org

Is this you?

•Living on earth yet longing for heaven
•Surrounded by noise yet seeking silence
•Confused by information yet desiring truth
•Exhausted by certainty yet allured by mystery

Though hurting, you long for a beautiful relationship with the Triune God.

Though hungry to know God deeply, you struggle to fine your way with Him.

We can help.

Having navigated the Christian life for over 50 years and still trying to make sense of it, I’m certain about two realities: 1) God exists and 2) God rewards those who diligently seek Him.
Hositality of Abraham
Communion with God is at the core of Homestead House Ministries. We want prayer, as communion, to permeate all our experiences. In our struggle to commune with the Triune God, we serve, listen, guide, and love. Even our ministry of hospitality allows us to commune with others in the love and fellowship of Christ. Your relationship with God matters greatly to us.

Our goal is to participate in the life of the Trinity in our being and doing and help others to do the same.

IMG_1442We invite you to join us on the journey to intimate communion with the Trinity.

You can remain where you are or take some simple steps to move forward in your journey with God.

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We are:

Evangelical. Pointing People to Christ

Orthodox. Upholding the Ancient Christian Faith

Fundamental. Keeping It Essential and Straightforward

Communion Strategy

Purpose of Communion - to know the Triune God

Plan of Communion - in prayer, fasting, generosity

Place of Communion - in silence, solitude, and everyday life

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