When you began your journey with God, did you ever imagine it would take the twists and detours that it has? You’ve climbed mountains and were amazed at the spectacular views. You’ve navigated dark valleys where you felt alone or lost. Sometimes God has felt very close, other times far away.

You’ve not given up on God though the temptation has been powerful at times. You’ve simply wondered where He is or what He’s up to with you.

Welcome to The UnCommon Journey where companionship for this gloriously crazy journey can be found.

Sometimes you need a companion who is there when you can’t make sense of things. Maybe you need someone to prod you to keep going with helpful ideas and prayerful support.

Finding someone with whom you can share your spiritual journey is difficult these days. Even your friends can’t understand why the usual answers don’t work for you. They can’t relate to your situation. They’ve never walked were God has taken you. For these reasons your present community may not be helpful.

About Keith 3

You need someone who understands your spiritual journey. Over 55 years of walking with God and others has left me weak and wounded yet desperate to know God in my life in real and concrete ways. I’m sick of cliche answers, tired of superficial information, and bored by all the Christian noise. I can probably relate to where you’re coming from.

I’m also convinced that the spiritually hungry and hurting desire to know God more than ever. Is this you?

As a fellow-traveller, my journey has taken me places I never imagined. Not that those places were all glorious and bright. Many were uncertain and troubling. Yet somehow, God was in the midst of them waiting for me to get off my high horse, admit my weakness, and experience Him there.

To be honest, I’m fresh out of answers. However, I can pray, encourage your heart, and connect with you whenever you desire.

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You don’t have to go it alone. I’ll be your companion on your spiritual journey.

Keith/Dr. K.