Personal Retreat

Homestead Hospitality House provides a simple but comfortable setting for personal getaways and relaxing retreats. Enjoy your solitude on one of three porches rocking in a chair or swaying in a swing. Curl up in front of one of four fireplaces to read, meditate, or nap.

Take in the beauty of the scenic White Oak Mountains and the shimmering water of Savannah Bay. Enjoy serenity from the screened-in porch. Attend to the birds, the fountains, and the quiet. This is a perfect place for renewal and rest.

Group Gatherings

Homestead Hospitality House accommodates groups of 3 to 15 for day-time gatherings or retreats.

Lunch can be provided along with drink and snack options throughout the day.

Overnight accommodations are available depending on the size and makeup of your group. Please email ([email protected]) or phone 714-366-1955 for a discussion of your needs and how we can help meet them.

A Bed & Breakfast-Inspired Retreat Experience

All bedrooms - free wi-fi, desk, comfortable sitting area, closet or armoire; in keeping with a setting of quietness, rooms do not have TVs or radios.

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