Sharing With You An Enterprising Experience

Keith KettenringHospitality

This weekend we hosted six young women visiting Chattanooga to go skydiving. What? That’s right. As they say, a bunch of crazy people jumping out of a perfectly good airplane.

As it turned out, they awakened Sunday morning to a text from the air jump folks that due to low cloud cover and rain possibility, the jump had to be cancelled. They were free to reschedule anytime in the next two years.

We were impressed that none of the ladies were greatly disappointed. How can a person be disappointed at the prospect of NOT being able to leap into nothingness from 20,000 ft? But, they all acted like they still wanted to do it sometime in the future. They also promised to book with us when that time came.

So, they made alternate plans for the day, plans that kept them on firm ground. They hung around the house for much of the morning enjoying the fireplace, good company, and food.

We found out that this group of woman had worked at the same Enterprise Car Rental office in Nashville. They became good friends and went on these outings a few times every year. Now, a couple of them had moved away. However, these outings were an excuse to get together again. Does Enterprise hire such good people or is this group exceptional? We don’t know. But no doubt, this group was impressive.

We aren’t boasting, but this is what one of the ladies wrote about her experience here:

Keith and Rhonda are just the BEST!! Their home was beautiful, spacious, and spotless. Nothing competes with how cozy it was sharing a glass of wine with some girlfriends on their screened in back porch by the fire or catching up after breakfast in their warm and inviting living room. The beds were big and comfy and the bathroom was clean and large enough to share. They provided us an unforgettable breakfast of french toast and quiche. Keith and Rhonda were so welcoming, hospitable, kind, and easy to speak with. We enjoyed our laughs and stories shared with them. We can’t wait to come back and visit.

What we loved about these ladies was their enthusiasm for life. They were so expressive of their feelings about our place, their relationships, and life in general. They genuinely seemed to enjoy one another’s company. It was inspiring to observe.

Our lives were made a little better due to our interaction with such good people. We hope the experience was mutual.

Hospitality…nothing beats it.