10 Benefits of Reading “The UnCommon Journey”

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How would you like to become skilled in the art of communion with God? That’s right – to stay connected to God throughout the day even when it gets insanely busy, when you can’t shut off the noise in your head, or the kids are on your last nerve? I’ve surveyed a group of people – a wide range of ages, male and female, business people and not, pastors and laypeople. To a question about what they desired in their relationship with God, the number one response was intimacy – “engaging Him day-to-day,” wanting to be “super tight” with Him (that had to be one of the younger respondents, right?).

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My Own Experience

I have spent almost a lifetime exploring intimacy with God in a journey of ups and downs, hits and misses, straight paths and detours. I’ve learned much. Yet it feels like I’ve only just begun (Ah…sing it with me & Caren Carpenter…) to live the kind of life God invited me into over 50 years ago. I’m no expert in this kind of intimacy. But I know some people who are (even though they would deny it) who can help us.

UnConventional Wisdom for an UnCommon Journey

So, I blog about Christian living and spiritual growth. My hope is that each of you is encouraged and enlightened on your spiritual journey. I cut through the intellectual complexities and the sugary sentimentalities that have grown up around modern portrayals of the Christian life. I lovingly shoot straight with you. I commit to speak out my own struggles and experiences with God. I’ll give the theoretical and unlived notions a secondary place in the discussion.

Here are some benefits to engaging my blog:

  1. You have confidence of a deepening relationship with God
  2. You learn to relate to God simply
  3. You experience the love of God
  4. You find strength to face difficult issues and situations
  5. You enjoy companionship as you travel your spiritual journey
  6. You gain wisdom through the practice of Biblical insights
  7. You discover beauty around you and in you
  8. You gather resources to support your quest for God and effective ministry
  9. You identify guidance to help avoid spiritual pitfalls
  10. You garner hope for today and tomorrow

Does this pique your curiosity? I hope so.

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Dr. K