3 Simple Practices that Counteract Your Pride

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I am a proud person. Pride shows itself in my life most often when I don’t get my way. When someone contradicts me, won’t do what I ask, or says “no” to me, my ugly ego rises and rebels. It doesn’t like to be dismissed. Can you relate?

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Do you recognize how self-preoccupied you are? Have you developed ways to protect your ego? You are probably blinded by your own pride. Have you ever thought of doing something about it? Probably. And did thinking about it accomplish anything? Probably not. Your ego is so powerful that you need to engage in effective methods designed to cripple your ego. 

Three simple practices that, when put into practice, will help you begin your journey in humility.

1. Prayer – quietly communing with God in your heart and mind

2. Fasting – abstaining from what is good so that something better will result

3. Almsgiving – offering something valuable for the good of another and yourself

The ancient Church and faith has taught these practices for centuries. Those who are considered humble practice them. Moderns, like you and me, have forgotten them or were never aware of their effectiveness in defeating pride. But you learn best by doing. Doing these practices is the best way to cripple your ego and begin experiencing humility.

The Futility of Merely Thinking About Humility 

You cannot think your way to humility. It is good to memorize the verses and meditate on them. Yet, that is only the beginning. Until you begin practicing effective methods designed to defeat pride and foster humility, your ego will continue to win. I have seen this in the lives of church leaders over the past four decades. They know their Bibles but they are filled with pride. I have seen this in myself, as well.

The Power of Simplicity 

Notice the simplicity. There are only three time-tested, effective means upheld by the Church for centuries. These methods come out of the teaching and practice of Jesus and the Apostles. You will discover that when you begin to engage these practices, you will learn much about yourself and your pride. For example, each of these practices teach me how utterly devoted I am to my own comfort and ease; how attached I am to my own stuff – emotions, material things, and the praise of others.

I invite you to give each of them a try. 

Look at the three simple practices above. Decide on one doable action for each practice. Follow through with your decision beginning today.

I will share more in the posts to come how to engage these simple but effective practices.

How will you start to defeat your ego? Share with a comment below. This will be an encouragement to you and others.

Dr. K