5 Forgotten Concepts That Help Your Relationships Flourish

Keith KettenringBible Insights, Christian Living, The Uncommon Journey

I am no relationship expert. I suspect that those who are experts struggle in their relationships just like I do. Relationships are one of the great gifts and responsibilities given to us by God. We all want our relationships to flourish. Here are some reminders that help in moving relationships forward…including our relationship with God.

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1. Health – As you get better, your relationships improve. Are you aware of flaws within yourself that prevent relationships from developing? Are you doing something about it? I know someone who drives people away due to her self-centeredness. Yet, her self-obsession prevents her from seeing herself as she really is. Don’t be like her. Commit yourself to changing yourself. One who has friends must be a friend. Become a person people desire to befriend.

As you become spiritually healthy, you will relate to God more intimately. Deal with the personal issues that harm this relationship – sin, false beliefs, misunderstandings, or wounds.

2. Time – Being together has no substitute. “Being with” are powerful words. They mean that you are actually fully engaged with the other person – mind, body, and soul.

Your relationship with God flourishes as you learn to “be with” Him. Whether in quiet times of intimate solitude or in the stillness of your own heart amidst the noise of everyday life, time with God deepens your relationship with Him.

3. Journey – Don’t expect too much too soon. Or, even better, keep your expectations in check. Simply walk day-by-day in the relationship and see where it takes you. It’s not about a destination. It’s about the process of knowing, synergy, and participation in another’s life.

Participating in the life of God is the definition of salvation. Eternal life is knowing God. All this is a journey in and with God. This journey is not focused on a destination. Its focus is a relationship.

4. Experience – In the experiences of good times and difficult times, you learn and grow together. Expand your experiences together.

As you experience God, your relationship with Him moves forward. It is good to read about God in the Bible and books and hear about Him in sermons. But, there is nothing like experiencing Him first-hand in and around you. That’s when the relationship moves to a whole new level.

5. Forbearance – You are willing to accept the shortcomings and weaknesses of others. You recognize that the value of a good relationship trumps the often insignificant matters you hold dear.

Have you ever been disappointed with God? He didn’t perform in the way you thought He should? In other words, He fell short of meeting your standards. He came off as weak. Exercise some forbearance with God. He’s probably wanting you to move forward in your relationship with Himself. Being frustrated with Him gets you agitated enough to start moving.

Life is about who you are in relationship with others including the Trinity.

I invite you to flourish in all your relationships as you deepen in your relationship with God.

Which concept above did you need to be reminded of most? How will that make a difference in a relationship this week? How will you practice that concept? 

Dr. K