5 Reasons Why I Challenge The Status Quo of Modern Church & Christianity

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One of the purposes of The UnCommon Journey is to challenge the status quo of the modern church and contemporary Christianity. I do this not because I think I’m more “spiritual” than others. Nor because I want to be a maverick who moves against the tide of popular opinion. I simply want to share what God has taught me as I’ve journeyed with Him. On this journey, I’ve often been confronted by wisdom not my own. I may not have welcomed the challenge, but it usually turned out to be for my good. So, I bring that experience to The UnCommon Journey for your benefit.

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Why The UnCommon Journey challenges the status quo

  • You are part of a church era that embraces superficiality. The modern church is an inch deep and a mile wide. It may make you feel good, offer you a place of service, provide you with some friendships, help you know your Bible better, and marry and bury you. But if you really want to know God and learn to struggle with the realities of life, you’ve got nothing (or little) to help.
  • You are part of a church that is divided, confused, incomplete. There are 41,000 denominations all claiming to be based on the Bible. Really? Messages are contradictory and confusing. The contemporary church can only take you so far. Your heart longs for something more because the modern brand of Christianity leaves you short.
  • You are convinced of your “rightness” that needs to be challenged. People in this environment cling to beliefs, doctrines, and teachings that they believe are true. When challenged they get defensive. They judge all others by their ideas and beliefs not realizing they are often uniformed or completely wrong.
  • You are led by people who talk a good talk but don’t walk the walk. They teach how Jesus can get you to heaven but are at a loss how to thrive in Jesus’ kingdom while on earth. They may teach you the Bible but excuse themselves for not really knowing how to live it. They may direct you to get busy doing something for God but be unable to show you how to be a humble servant. To them, being a Christian is more theory than reality.
  • You are trapped by a church that is distracted. Churches are preoccupied with politics, patriotism, social issues, programs, petty ideas, psychological solutions, liberal or conservative agendas, music and worship styles, and so many other concerns. Essential matters like knowing God, loving God and neighbor, becoming Christlike, living in union with the Trinity, becoming healed of sinful infirmities, and actually doing the teachings of Jesus, are forgotten or dismissed.

The status quo is superficial, confused, hypocritical, proud, preoccupied, and empty. It needs to be challenged.

You need to be challenged, too. You are more status quo than you realize. Has your need to fit in, defend your beliefs, look like a “good Christian,” and do the right thing become more important to you than the condition of your own soul or the condition of your relationship with God?

So, keep reading The UnCommon Journey. You may not like being challenged but it will do you good. Anyone can tell you what you want to hear. It’s much more beneficial to give attention to what you need to hear.

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Dr. K