7 Substantial Issues Raised In The UnCommon Journey 2015 Survey

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Today, The UnCommon Journey is three months old. It is in its infancy. Yet, like an infant in the family, it is making a difference in people’s lives. And, it has the potential of impacting thousands of lives towards deeper intimacy with God. It is uncommon in its delivery and content both of which have been helped by the recent survey. Here are some significant results.

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Who knows your heart?

Responses are not high in any category. Family members (25%) provide the biggest group of people readers say know their hearts. Followed by close friends (20%) then spiritual director/coach (10%) or spiritual friend (10%). Interestingly, most readers go to church every Sunday. Yet, only 5% said their pastor knows their heart. 15% said that no person knows their heart. Considering the percentages, this is quite a significant number.

Post Frequency – time to process

This is very helpful. 85% read 2-3 posts per week. I appreciate one reader who commented on the need to give time to process the posts’ information. So, instead of a goal of four posts/week, I’ll be aiming for three with the possibility that we may settle on two/week as we progress with future tools (see “Future Tools” below).

Why Read?

60% read The UnCommon Journey for encouragement on their spiritual journey. Other categories fit in this one, too. 15% read for fresh ways to relate to God. 10% want to learn to challenge the status quo. We’re on track here with numbers to affirm our direction.

Topics – the core of the survey (respondents marked all that applied)

65% want posts on relating their Christian life to the current culture. There is a real need for some fresh perspective here. I find this a challenge, too. Platitudes will not do.

60% want posts on maintaining a healthy relationship with God and on developing the prayer of the heart. You’re in my wheelhouse here. These first two topics are directly related, though many Christians struggle to know this.

50% desire posts that connect the ancient church/teachings with modern Christian life. I love this and am actually surprised by the strength of this desire. Together with a strong showing of those wanting to read biographies of ancient godly men and women, indicates hearts longing for “the ancient paths.”

40% want to know more about spiritual disciplines followed by topics on Christian spirituality related to home and work.

Future tools

Downloads 72%; podcasts 39%, Homestead House retreats 33%, webinars 17%.

  • Look for more downloadable material in the future.
  • I am in the process of learning how to do podcasts. Many people find listening much more convenient than reading.
  • A beautiful website for Homestead Hospitality House is in development right now. Starting in 2016, you will be able to book a retreat at HHH though this website.

Quality of site and content

Everyone said “very high” or “high.” Thank you!!


People want The UnCommon Journey to be real, readable, practical, and simple. I hope this is happening already and will continue. I want to challenge your heart and mind but do so in a way accessible to you.

One practical note: you can read the comments of others by clicking on the word “comment” in the lower right-hand corner of each post. I respond to every comment. Some comments are edited. But I post every comment, if possible.

Thanks again for all who participated in the 2015 Survey. Your input helps mark the direction of The UnCommon Journey.

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Dr. K