A Beautiful Gospel: This Presentation Will Either Upset You or Help Set You Free

Keith KettenringChristian Living, God, Motley Christian

I met Brad four years ago in Cancun, Mexico. He was there to speak to Church Resource Ministries staff on the subject of hearing God. At that time, I was with CRM and attended the conference. Though he is from Canada, (‘eh!) and pronounces words a little funny, we had many things in common. We spent time discussing theological “stuff” one evening over a little wine and one afternoon in a gorgeous pool at the resort.

He’s a sharp and articulate guy helping people know God better.

Anytime I watch this presentation (he has a more lengthy one) my heart glows with joy at God’s mercy.

You might not respond this way. If you are dead-set that God deals with humanity primarily as a judge and punisher of sin, you’ll probably not appreciate what he has to say or how he says it.

However, give him a hearing and see if the message of mercy resonates with you. As he says, this has been the reality of the gospel from the beginning. God IS merciful all the time and in every way. This is nothing new yet it seems radical.

You are experiencing God’s mercy right now. Open the eye of your heart to see.