A Life Filled With God is the Best Life

Keith KettenringChristian Living, The Uncommon Journey

Do you ever wonder why your life is so hard while others around you, even non-Christians, seem to have it so good? “Why do I struggle so much while my heathen neighbor seems to have it all?”

These type of questions were also asked by Asaph, a musician and poet, who observed “the rich and famous” from his position as a Temple official. He was bothered by the people who prosper in this life yet have no vision of God or the coming judgment. They’re well off and don’t seem to have a care. They’re proud and prosperous.

He records his observations in what we know as Psalm 73. Verses 12-13 summarize his thoughts:

Behold, these are the sinners, those who always prosper; they have possessed wealth. And I said, “Have I in vain kept my heart clean and washed my hands in innocence?” For all the day long was I stricken, and chastened every morning.  

But his perspective shifts when he meets God in the holy place and is reminded that these people will also meet God who will deal with them justly. His role is not to try to figure out why some prosper and others do not but to desire God who is all that he needs. Those who are far from God will perish; his “fullness is to cling to God” and put his trust in the Lord God.

There are several practical lessons we can take from Asaph’s struggle:

  1. Meet with God regularly and you will gain the perspective you need to deal with real-life situations.

  2. Don’t compare your station in life with anyone else. It will only cause pride or discouragement.

  3. When you have questions, are dealing with sin, feel out of sorts with life and God, that’s the best time to spend time with God. Quiet your heart, read Psalm 73 (or other Psalms in the Treasury on this website), and pour out your heart to God.

  4. Chasing after earthly dreams will end in emptiness. Fullness comes as you cling to God, letting Him fill you with Himself.

  5. Your heart and body will fail – you cannot sustain yourself on your own. Desire to know God and learn to trust Him with your life.

At times it may not feel like it, but a life filled with God is the best life.