An Invitation to True Hospitality

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Hospitality seems to be a lost art today. Remember the days when folks would invite their neighbors, co-workers, friends over to their home for dinner and a night of good fellowship? It seemed a natural part of life. Today schedules are so packed with “busyness” that most grab time with others either in a restaurant or coffee shop if at all.  There doesn’t seem to be time or energy to clean the house, plan a menu, prepare the food, and clean up afterwards. This is understandable if these are the necessary ingredients to extending hospitality.


Hospitality – Showing True Care and Concern for Others 
I would like to suggest that we are overlooking or have forgotten the underlying purpose of hospitality. The “why” of hospitality is important. As I look at the word “hospitality,” I see the word “hospital.”  A hospital can very simply be defined as a place of healing.  And while hospitality is not about diagnosing the problems of others or even finding solutions to their problems, it is about showing true care and concern for others. It is about encouraging others in their need.  Your home can be used to show those around you that you care.  
Many people carry hidden wounds that are seeping and bleeding internally. They feel there is no one with whom they can share these needs. When you open your home and heart you allow opportunity for “life” to be shared for a while. The reality can begin to sink in that someone truly cares. Maybe a little healing can begin.
Hospitality – Providing a Safe Harbor 
Through true hospitality you offer a place of peace and tranquility to those sailing a turbulent sea. You offer a safe harbor where others can be real and authentic without fear of judgment or rejection.  It doesn’t have to be hard, expensive or elaborate.  
Will you be one to help meet the needs of those around you through the open door of hospitality?  If so, stay tuned…