Challenging Yourself To Be Thankful For The Extraordinary

Keith KettenringChristian Living, The Uncommon Journey

What do these events have in common?

  • The birth of a child
  • Receiving a financial gift when you desperately need it
  • A friend offering help with a project
  • A phone call from your non-communicating son just to chat
  • Barely missing a car accident because the lane to your left was clear

These incidents are unusual. They are not normal, every-day occurrences. They usually garner lots of thanks.

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Last week we focused our thanks on the usual – what is in front of us. Now, lets pay attention to what’s unusual and thank God for it.

In the simple strategy for a grateful and happy life, I challenge you this week to look for the extraordinary and be thankful.

This might be the easiest “thankful” practice of all. Who isn’t grateful for the extraordinarily good things that happen?  

But we must battle

  1. Forgetfulness – how easy it is to take for granted the special gifts that fill our lives daily.
  2. Preoccupation – letting mundane and empty “attractions” distract us from seeing the extraordinary.
  3. Self-centeredness – focusing so much on our own needs and comforts that we are blinded to the good outside ourselves.

This week, focus on the good gifts given to you and be thankful for them. Your life will be truly happier. 

What is extraordinary in your life right now for which you can be thankful? 

Dr. K