Do You Possess Eternal Life? (Part 2)

Keith KettenringChristian Living, The Uncommon Journey

Eternal life is not a thing. Eternal life is a Person. Life gives life. A thing does not.

Look at this picture. Is this the way you understand eternal life?

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Is this a true picture of eternal life?

Is it a package God gives to the one who believes in him? Is eternal life a commodity or object that we are given to open up and enjoy? Is it something we look forward to in the future? Yes. It is a gift given to the one trusts Jesus Christ. But what exactly is it?

A special offer that if rejected may never be offered again?

A package filled with a product called “life” that we receive by faith?

An object of our affection to be thankful for and admired?

A concept to be studied, discussed, or debated?

A thing God gives to those who trust him?

A future era when all Christians will live forever?

These are the ways I understood eternal life for most of my life. And as a result its reality made little difference in my ongoing, daily relationship with God. Do you know someone who really struggles with whether she has eternal life or not? It’s miserable to watch.

Something is amiss if this is all there is to eternal life.

Can I be so bold as to say: “God does not deal with things.” That’s a subject for the next post. I will continue the exploration then.

Take time today to explore your understanding of eternal life.Do any of the questions above describe your understanding? What difference does this understanding make in your relationship with God? Comment below or ask a question.

Dr. K