Does Your Prayer Life Need A Boost? Thoughtfully Upgrade It With A Prayer Rule

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Prayer is a mystery but it is not rocket science. You can have a vibrant prayer life filled with joy and confidence in God. My prayer life moved to another level when I established a prayer rule and practiced the rule regularly. This can happen to you as well. 

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A prayer rule is the outline of a daily prayer routine. It is important to have a thought out rule. Casually going to your place for prayer and merely talking to God is not the best way to have a vibrant prayer life. You find that you end up babbling in front of God instead of truly communing with Him in thoughtful stillness. You can take advantage of the centuries of wisdom and experience by using proven prayers that lift up your heart in loving conference with the Triune God. 

First, a prayer rule should specify the place and time of prayer. A spare bedroom, a home office, a quiet corner, or secluded work space are ideal for solitude. Designating specific times – for example, 6:30-7:00AM and 9:30-10:00PM – allows you to prioritize time with God.

 Secondly, it should outline the sequence of your prayers and the specific prayers you will say.

Below is an example of a beginners prayer rule. If you need help in designing a prayer rule that best fits your level of prayer, please contact me. I’d be happy to provide some guidance that matches your desires and life situation. 

Outline for Morning and Evening Prayer

       Place: In the spare bedroom with candle in front of an icon or picture of Jesus 

       Time: 6:30am and 10:00pm for 20 minutes each time

  • Begin by lighting a candle and standing quietly to collect yourself in your heart
  • Introductory Prayers* – Prayer to Holy Spirit, Trisagion Prayer and Lord’s Prayer
  • One of six Morning or Evening Psalms: Ps. 121, 90, 51; 70, 104,143 (1, 141)
  • Intercessions for family, friends, Church, special needs 
  • Psalm 51 and confession of your sinfulness and prayer for forgiveness 
  • Doxology* and the morning or evening prayer
  • Silence
  • Jesus prayer – repeat 100 times
  • Reflect quietly on the tasks of the day and prepare yourself for the difficulties you might face asking God to help you or in the evening reflect on the day and the difficulties you ecountered and how you dealt with them. 
  • Dismissal prayer*

       Remember to stop mid-morning, noon and mid-afternoon to say a simple prayer like the Lord’s Prayer. 

       Repeat the Jesus Prayer whenever you can throughout the day.

       Offer a prayer before and after each meal thanking God and asking for His blessing.

There you have it – a brief outline of prayers which may be included in your prayer rule. Doable. Orderly. Meaningful. Enriching. 

Start by outlining the prayers you want to include in your prayer rule. Start saying the Lord’s Prayer at set times during the day. Repeat the Jesus Prayer throughout the day.

When you do so, you’re on your way to a vibrant prayer life. 

Share below how it goes for you.

Dr. K  

*These prayers will be given to you in my next post.