Have a Life Worth Living (Eternal Life, Part 3)

Keith KettenringChristian Living, The Uncommon Journey

Imagine living with someone inside you who is perfectly and tirelessly working in you to make your life worth living. You can mess up, hunger for God, be deeply despondent, or wear your self-righteousness from head to toe. Yet this Person never stops living in you to move you along your journey of living life in God more fully. If you’ve begun your journey with God, you don’t have to imagine this scenario. It’s already happening.

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Lately, you and I have been exploring what it means to have eternal life. Here are more reflections.

Eternal life is divine life. Eternal life is the vitality of God energizing your soul. Eternal life is God’s very breath occupying and moving in your body.

Do you remember the foundational realities introduced in the first post on eternal life?

1. God alone is the source of life.

2. God alone is eternal.

If this is true, then eternal life is God’s life. The gift God gives you called “eternal life” is God’s life Himself. The gift is not something apart from God. It is not an object or package God puts together and presents to you when you believe. It is not a product that he makes. It is not a thing.

Eternal life is Who God is. Eternal life is how he exists. Eternal life is not a quality or characteristic he pulls out of himself, bundles up, and gives to people.

Eternal life is God’s life actively moving in every trusting soul.

So what? How does this affect you? What difference does this make for you?

1. You have a decision to make. Do you acknowledge God’s life in you or ignore it? Acknowledging God’s life in you opens up new and challenging prospects of activity in God. Ignoring it opens up prospects of an empty life where you try to create a life worth living on your own apart from the vitality God’s life brings to you.

2. You can participate in the Life flowing in you. Don’t settle for for an understanding of eternal life as a pretty box filled with good things. But, grow in your experience of God’s active life in you by learning to participate in his life. This is a life worth living. (There will be more on this in many posts to come.)

3. You can live this life in God forever. He’s eternal life + He’s living in you = Life Everlasting. You will die physically but you will never be separated from God. You will live forever. This is life worth living.

Take time to meditate on these reflections throughout the day. How are you currently experiencing (or not) the life of God in you? Share below or ask a question.

Dr. K