Heaven For The Rest Of Us

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The goal of salvation is not to get you into heaven but to get heaven into you.

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This is not just a cute and catchy cliche’. “Oh, wouldn’t it be wonderful if this was true? I get into heaven and a little bit of heaven on earth gets thrown in.”

Defining Salvation & Heaven 

This statement is a defining statement. To define is to give the meaning of something. So, I am saying that the goal of salvation is to get heaven into you. To define the goal of salvation as “saving us from hell and getting us into heaven” is to miss out on the depth and breadth of what “salvation” truly is.

If the goal of salvation is to get you into heaven then why are you still here? You say you’re saved. Yet, you’re not in “heaven.” What’s wrong? It’s probably a combination of misunderstanding the reality of salvation and the reality of heaven. Today, I simply want to focus on heaven.

The Reality of Heaven 

Is there a longing in your heart for heaven? By that I mean, a deep desire to experience heaven in your soul right now? You might think that heaven is a far off distant land filled with golden streets and glistening buildings. Where did you get that idea?

Heaven is wherever the Trinity dwells. And the Trinity dwells everywhere  – even in you.

Deep within you is a longing for eternal Fullness, Goodness, and Beauty – what you might call heaven. I’m not talking visions and feelings here. I’m talking reality. A reality that is yours right now. Yes, you long for what you already have.

Of course, you might not feel like you already possess heaven. The way life is beating you around, it may actually feel like hell on earth. But, that’s when your feelings need a reality check.

When Jesus teaches: “Seek first the kingdom of God” it is not because the kingdom is hidden or “out there somewhere” and needs to be found. He is teaching us to seek what’s already here but needs to be experienced more fully. This may be more difficult for you who are going through hard times. Yet, the kingdom of heaven still exists in you and can be experienced.

As you walk this journey in God, open your heart to heaven’s fullness. Experience where that takes you.

Pray today: “Oh Heavenly King, who is everywhere present, bring heaven home to me.”  

Dr. K