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Keith KettenringChristian Living, The Uncommon Journey

Jack knows he’s a screw-up. Every time he yells at his kids, he feels guilty. Yesterday he snuck a few peeks at the Victoria’s Secret website convincing himself that he was scouting for something for his wife. Oh yeah! It’s all worse because he claims to have his doctrinal ducks in a row, being a the youngest elder at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church. Worse because he’s always believed if he thought right, he’d act right. It doesn’t all add up. How can God be pleased and bless him if he doesn’t have his act together?

This web site is for Jack and those like him who struggle being a Christian. It’s not just a struggle trying to be a good Christian. It’s a struggle trying to be an actual Christian. The reality is – every Christian struggles to be a Christian. Just like every father or mother struggles to be a real parent, every coach a coach, every teacher a teacher. Call yourself whatever you want, living it is another story.

In the Christian world I’ve known, people call themselves Christian and this actually makes them one. Due to a sincere decision for Christ made sometime in their life, a person can now claim to be a Christian whether they live like one or not. So, do you have to act like a Christian when you claim to be one? Some say yes. Some say no. Strange, huh?

When compared to Jesus, we’re toast. He is the standard for being a Christian. To be like Jesus is to be a Christian. To be a Christian is to be like Jesus. If true, then how can anyone claim to be a real Christian with absolute certainty since few actually act like Jesus Christ?

Perhaps a better way to designate being a follower of Jesus is that you are “becoming” a Christian. Always becoming, never actually being one.

If you’re “becoming” a Christian, then the struggles of being one can be recognized and used to discover God in real ways. The struggles can be embraced as the primary means to become like Christ.

Otherwise, the struggles are excused, denied, or “fixed.”  This is not good for your spiritual being.

Hang with us on the Motley Christian blog site. You may just find what you need to discover God in your struggles.