Here’s An Offer You Cannot Refuse

Keith KettenringBible Insights, Christian Living, The Uncommon Journey

Dear UnCommon Journey Reader,

This is an invitation to meet with Me. I am a human being who desires your company. You probably think you don’t have time for us to get together. You are too busy with family and work, covered over by so many things. Your “to do” list keeps getting longer and more burdensome. But, when we meet together, you will find yourself relaxing. In fact, the rest will go deep into your soul.

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A Profound Invitation…

This invitation is more profound than you can ever imagine. While we’re together, I want you to enter into the fellowship I enjoy with God the Father and God the Spirit. That’s right. When you and I meet together, you are actually entering the communion I enjoy with the Father and Spirit. But, I won’t force this on you. You need to enter it yourself or “take it upon yourself” as some put it.

To become…

And when you do, you begin to understand what it is to live in union with Me. In our restful communion, you begin to learn who I am. And the best part is that you begin to become more like Me. As they say, “You become like the people you hang around with.” What you “catch” from me transforms your life.

First of all, you catch what it is to be gentle and meek. That is what you need first and foremost. Does that surprise you? Being a meek person and treating others with genuine gentleness is a tall order. In fact, it’s impossible apart from Me. The second lesson? You catch what it is to be humble and lowly. Surprised again? Unfortunately, there are very few authentically humble people around. The people you most look up to – politicians or business, church, and community leaders, or academics, or entertainers are not lowly people. So, it’s really important that we commune together so you learn real humility. You see, I am gentle and humble inside. It’s who I really am. And because I am like this, it determines how I act towards others – even towards my enemies and my creation. To be the person you are meant to be, the priority is to learn gentleness and humility from Me.

And to find…

When you accept my invitation and actually spend time with Me, enter into My communion with the Father and Spirit, and learn gentleness and humility from Me, there are two results. First, shalom, rest, quiet, silence, stillness and peace begin filling your soul. Second, ease, simplicity, lightness, elegance, orderliness, and tenderness begin to characterize your life.

It’s a “No-Brainer” 

I’d think you’d want to trade in a stretched-thin, chaotic and burdened life for a peaceful, elegant and easy life. I am the difference between the two.

This invitation is now yours to do with as you want. I hope to see you soon.

With love from the bottom of my heart to yours,