Here’s How To Quickly & Easily Learn to Pray

Keith KettenringChristian Living, The Uncommon Journey

I have a confession to make. I don’t like to ask for help. Can you relate? In my pride, I have this independent stubbornness which (I falsely think) enables me to do anything I put my mind to. It’s a sickness that keeps me isolated from people who can help me and want to help me. I’m getting a little better at asking for help now that technology is way beyond my experience, now that my body is physically unable to do what it used to, and now that I’m getting more honest about my spiritual sicknesses. I am poor and needy (Psalm 40.17, 70.5, 109.22). I need help. This is particularly true when it comes to prayer.

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From Jesus’ exchange with his disciples after one of them requested, “Lord, teach us to pray,” we learn that…

Prayer is best learned by asking.

What Would You Ask For? 

Of all the things the disciples could have asked Jesus to teach them, prayer took precedence. Did the disciples feel weak in prayer? Did they see Jesus praying in ways they did not understand? Did they recognize the utter significance of prayer as they observed Jesus communing with His Father?

Seriously. If you were one of the twelve, would your request have been “Teach me to pray?” Or would you be like me, “Teach me to be a great father and husband.” Or, “Teach me to be a successful entrepreneur.” Or, “Teach me to really love people.” Or, “Teach me to win the world to Jesus.” I wonder if we’d be all that interested in prayer.

Yet, the disciples of Jesus saw prayer as a priority, perhaps the very core of their living. They needed to learn to do it.

Asking & Humility 

Asking is truly an act of humility. It is admitting you don’t know something. Asking acknowledges your need for help. It also indicates an eagerness to learn. Does this describe you? 

How about your experience of prayer? Could you use some help? Come to the Master of Prayer for help.

Begin by praying, “Lord, teach me to pray.” Ask him everyday. Ask him several times throughout the day. Then, see how He answers.

Isn’t that amazing? You pray to learn to pray. 

What is preventing you from asking Jesus to teach you to pray? How will you begin today? Share below. 

Dr. K 

P.S. I recognize that the disciple requests of Jesus, “Teach US to pray.” There is certainly a plural aspect to his request that is meaningful to you as well. I am making application of the request to individuals. However, I’d also encourage you to ask Jesus to teach your family, small group, church, or group of friends to pray as well.