Hey Jesus! I Love You But We Just Disagree

Keith KettenringBible Stuff, Christian Living, Motley Christian

When it comes to doing what Jesus asks of us, we just disagree.

He wants me to love my neighbor. But she lets her dog poop in my flowers and keeps me awake with her wild parties. She doesn’t deserve my love.

He wants me to pray for my enemies. But they hate Americans and despise Christians. I can’t find it in me to pray for them.

He wants me to turn the other cheek. But I need to defend myself and prove that I’m right. I’m no doormat!

He teaches that the poor are blessed. But I think they’re just lazy and addicted. Besides, He really wants us prosperous and successful.

He teaches that his house is about prayer. But I think preaching, worship music, and age-appropriate programs are what the church is about.

He wants me to stop judging and condemning people. But people need to be critiqued, called out, exposed, and put down for their immorality, false ideas, perversity, and offensive ways.

He wants my light to shine so others can see my good works. But I think its best to go to church, keep to myself, and read my Bible.

He teaches me to seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness. But if I don’t work 60-70 hours a week, my family will suffer.

He teaches that those who hunger and thirst for righteousness are blessed. But I think as long as I go to church, don’t cuss, smoke, or drink, and am nice to people, I’ll be blessed.

He wants me to be perfect [complete]. Sorry! Not possible.

He wants me to pray in secret where no one will see. I’d rather show my piety by praying in public with sincere emotion and doctrinally sound words.

He teaches that the Father will not forgive my sins if I don’t forgive those who sin against me. A-hem. Uh. My theology doesn’t support that statement.

He instructs that we cannot serve two masters: God and wealth. Oh yeah? I am confident of my ability to be loyal to God and still be rich.

He doesn’t want me to be anxious about anything. But, if I don’t worry about my kids, job, finances, spouse, and world affairs, how can I really ensure a good future? If I don’t, who will?

Got it? I love you, Jesus, but I don’t agree with what you tell me to do. I know better. So, get me to heaven and make my life comfortable here on earth. But don’t expect anything more of me.

Consider another way of thinking about disagreeing with Jesus (if there can be one!?!). Listen in light of all God desires of you. Could this be Jesus and you talking?

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