How Can Stillness Move You Closer to God? – Final Reflection

Keith KettenringChristian Living, The Uncommon Journey

I am slowly learning about the world of stillness. What looks still really isn’t. Consider a piece of wood – no noise or outward movement. It just sits there. Yet, it teems with molecules that are moving. Not remembering much from Mr. Warren’s science class, I had to do a little research on the molecule. “A molecule consists of two or more atoms with all kinds of internal, dynamical “vibrations,” thermally induced or otherwise inherently present. This arrangement causes a constant, quasi-cyclic natural shifting of molecular position with respect to the immediate “environment.” Though most readily seen in gases, this occurs in solids as well.”

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Movement in stillness. Become still so you can move to God.

Stillness does not mean everything stops moving. In stillness, everything is in motion. In stillness, God is moving in your heart. In stillness your thoughts are not in control so you hear the whispers of your heart where God resides.

Stillness quiets your mind and body so you can attend to the movement of your heart & soul. In this condition, you begin to notice God’s working of grace and love within you. You begin to pay attention to the state of your relationship with the Father, Son, and Spirit. You begin to experience real communion with God. As the Choirmaster writes: in being still you experience who God really is (Psalm 46.10).

We have a little pond out by our gazebo. There are eight koi and goldfish who call this home. When the surface of the pond is agitated or the water is murky, you cannot see the fish. But when the surface is smooth and the water clear, a tiny world of lively movement is seen.

Stillness allows you to see the lively world of God and His life moving within and around you.

So, be still.

Share below your experience of stillness. 

Dr. K