Motley Christian Has A New Home

Keith KettenringMotley Christian

I am excited to announce that our new website has launched. Whoo hoo!!

One month of planning and two months of development have resulted in a beautiful and simple site.
Here’s what’s behind the new site —
We have one website that includes three aspects of what we do. Yes, three in one!
Here are some reasons for the change:
1. With the growth of Homestead House, Inc., we need to provide a better picture of what we’re about.
The new website clearly shows the three dimensions of our online work –
  1. The UnCommon Journey
  2. Homestead Hospitality House
  3. Motley Christian
You can access each of these sites from our new site with a click of your mouse.
2. The change is due to some advice I received regarding the use of “sliders” for websites.  
Personally, I like the look. It is fun. But apparently, sliders don’t translate well on smaller devices like smart phones or tablets. Too much movement (and MC had a lot!) slows the site and can more easily lock up (now that’s some technical language right there!?!).
I want to provide something much more stable and fresh. The company I work with, Jonesen, has promised a reliable and safe platform. They continually curate the site to keep it current.
So, all that to say, I’ve gone with a simple, easily navigatable (new word!) platform that should serve Motley Christian well.
3. To be honest, I was struggling with trying to juggle three sites. 
It was a bit out of control. It may still be. But at least those new to what we do can get a quick and easy look at what we’re about.
It occurred to me that each aspect of our online efforts have a common theme – each site is about communing with God. In the case of Motley Christian, I’m trying to encourage communion with God particularly in your struggles. In your tough times, discover God right in the midst of them. That’s the message.
What brings you back to The Motley Christian is your interest in bolstering your unique relationship with God. God has you in times of struggle that not everyone can understand, even your closest Christian friends. But, I encourage and challenge you to keep looking for God no matter what’s happening to you.
There is nothing greater on earth than experiencing ongoing communion with God. Yet, few Christians know what this kind of life is about. Your struggles may be interpreted as God’s punishment (nonsense!), backsliding (stupid!), or sin (a possibility but often improperly dealt with).
You are being invited into a life with God which sees Him everywhere. I’m here, as a fellow-struggler, to accompany you.
Every Motley Christian will still receive the challenging and, I hope, fun content you’ve come to expect. The message is always hidden in there somewhere.
All that’s changed is the packaging, the look. I’ll still be encouraging you to commune with God, praying for you, and struggling on my own journey while writing about it for your sake.
Here’s a screenshot of the homepage –
The link to the new site is:
Click HERE and check it out.
Explore the new site full of fresh information along with established material. Check out the new pictures and format.
Read some blogs, subscribe, check out other content, book a room, or contact me. I hope you find the site easy to navigate.
Then, let me know what you think.
Thank you for being a Motley Christian. We’re a small but mighty gang.