Reflections on a Beautiful Relationship & Wedding

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A few days ago I walked my beautiful little girl into the arms of her new love. It was a tearfully proud moment for this father.

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So many family and friends joined together to celebrate and support Jenna and Brian. Everything (and I mean everything) went smoothly thanks to the help of many. THANK YOU!! The wedding gave us cause to celebrate many dear relationships we deeply cherish.

Beauty was everywhere. You could see it in Jenna, Jenna & Brian, people, organization, planning, ceremony/service, conversations, music, and public comments. There was no drama or problems. Jesus Christ was present. Marriage was honored. People were lifted up.

With marriage as the main focus of the past months and after celebrating 39 years of marriage myself, I am becoming aware of some new realities about marriage. I will share these in my next post.

For now, here are some quotes that captured my attention in light of my relationship with Jenna. Perhaps you can relate to some of them or all of them.



Father-Daughter4                                       Father-Daughter2



Father-daughter                             Father-Daughter1

I hope you can take these to heart. Today, celebrate your deepest relationships. Don’t take them for granted.

As James Taylor says: “Shower the people you love with love.” (Click on link to hear it live.)

She grew up so fast. Love your child in every stage of life because tomorrow you walk her down the aisle.

Which quote(s) resonates most with you? 

Dr. K