Significant Changes Happening With The UnCommon Journey

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It’s been a little over two years since the launch of The UnCommon Journey. What a journey it’s been. Many have joined us on the journey. Many more will come. However, it’s time to “recalculate” to make this simple journey even better. 

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First, while anchored in the mission of fostering communion with God, I will be writing on broader subject matters. I’ve been doing this somewhat already. But, it will become more pronounced in the months to come. Prayer and communion with God will always be my “go to” material with practical suggestions. This is the core of our journey of union with the Trinity. 

However, there are additional subjects you’re interested in which are part of your journey with God. You’ll resonate with many of them. If not, you can pass them on to others. 

An uncommon feature I bring to the table is a perspective not often found in evangelical blogs or blogs written by evangelical writers. Most of them hash and re-hash the same messages over and over. A little tick here, a nuance there, a little prettier package everywhere. It makes for enjoyable reading but little in your life is really challenged. What good is that? I want to challenge and see lives transformed. 

So, please hang in here with me. I am thankful that you subscribe to The UnCommon Journey. Without you, this blog doesn’t happen. With you, the sky’s the limit what God can do in lives. 

Another change will be a new front page highlighting more of The UnCommon Journey and less Keith Kettenring.  You’ll soon see a new logo and banner. 

After over two years of presenting The UnCommon Journey blog, there is a need for some changes in appearance. When this blog first launched, it was guided by the platform “guru” Michael Hyatt. Now it’s time to try something slightly different…for the better. 

Thirdly, I want to clean up a few items that do not present well. This will result in a cleaner and easier reading experience for you.  

Lastly, perhaps the biggest change, will be the frequency and length of my posts. At first I “published” 2-3 times each week. I kept the posts around 500 words and broke up larger subjects over the span of 2 to 3 weeks. This proved “doable” on my end yet was often overwhelming on yours – too much information, too quickly. 

So, I’m going to publish one time per week with posts that are a bit lengthier but still succinct – meaty but lean. This will allow more time on my end to research and write. It will give you more time to digest and practice between posts.

I’ll begin making these changes soon. They will not come all at once. As they happen, let me know what you think. 

If you have benefitted from my writing, you may know others who would benefit as well. Please take a few moments to share The UnCommon Journey with them. 

Thank you for being a companion with me on the UnCommon Journey. I appreciate you! 

Dr. K