Spring Is A Beautiful Time For Hospitality

Keith KettenringHospitality

Easter – a time of celebration of Jesus Christ’s victory over death – a time bringing life to all who choose it – a time when we see nature begin to burst forth with life and new color – a season that brings hope and renews the spirit. What better time to throw open the doors of hospitality in your home and invite your neighbors, friends, or family to join with you in celebration of a new beginning.

Check your calendar; select your dates; think about who you would like to come and send your invitations. Once these are done, you can begin to plan your evening. You can go with a very relaxed theme using paper plates and plastic ware or you can step things up a bit and set a more formal table. It doesn’t have to difficult. Pick up a hyacinth or two or some other spring flowers at the grocery store to use for a centerpiece to set your table accordingly.

Once those decisions have been made, think about the menu and don’t be afraid to ask your guests to contribute to the evening by preparing and bringing a dish to share. Be specific informing them what you would like them to bring and how many will be attending the meal.

The most important emphasis of the evening by far is the conversation with one another. As the host and hostess, look for opportunities to encourage discussion on the beauty of new life happening all around us after the long, dreary months of winter – how that stimulates hope in our hearts and lives – how the love of Jesus Christ is the only way to experience that rebirth of new life that brings hope and a new beginning.

May you be one who uses this beautiful season to reach out and touch the hearts and lives of others.