Taking Another Look At The Benefits Of A Liturgical Prayer Life

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Yesterday I had an email conversation with a friend who responded to the “tea” post. He gave me a brief glimpse into his morning routine which included a variety of ways he connects to God. He chooses each day how he’ll spend his time with God. I admire him for his consistency and devotion to being with God. Yet, having wrestled for decades with the issue of how to spend time with God in solitude, I am now grateful for the gift of ancient liturgy. I no longer have to “figure it out” day-to-day. There is a liturgy to be entered into everyday with great benefit. So, here’s my latest take on the liturgical prayer life…

You can do the same thing differently every day.

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Benefits of Doing The Same Thing…

  • Liturgy sets you free from decision making.
  • It frees you to focus your heart and mind on the Triune God without wondering “how” to do it.
  • It helps you realize God’s presence directly and commune with God intimately. 
  • It challenges your independence, willfulness, controlling tendencies, and individualism. 
  • It humbles you since you are acquiescing to the liturgy not forming it yourself. 
  • It opens the door to community knowing that you are joining myriads of people doing the same thing.    


  • Every liturgy is different because you are different every time you come to it.
  • Every time you say the same words fresh meaning is experienced. Words have a dynamic to them that when repeated come to life. 
  • There are mysterious subtleties that occur which cannot be seen or analyzed. The Spirit engages as He wills in ways you cannot explain. Each liturgical experience covertly makes you different. 
  • There are more differences happening than you realize. For example: time, date, day, how you’re dressed, your physical condition, your awareness levels, changes in surroundings, or your emotional state. 

We all live liturgical lives. We have our routines for personal care, for relationship building and maintenance, at work, and at play. Why do we balk at routines for our heart and soul? 

I invite you to explore a liturgical prayer life to the benefit of your heart, mind, soul, body, and relationships. 

I am grateful for all my friends who seek God with their whole heart. A liturgical prayer life will help you along on your journey. 

How has liturgy benefitted you? Share your thoughts below. 

Dr. K

P.S. While writing this post, I sipped on some Monk’s Meditation tea. Good stuff!!