Teas That Can Enhance Your Quiet Times With God

Keith KettenringChristian Living, Prayer & Fasting, The Uncommon Journey

Almost every morning, I heat water, select a tea, steep a tea bag or some loose-leaf tea, add a couple teaspoons of local honey, and sip it while I sit in silence with God. Anyone can do this. You just have to wake up early enough to fit this into your morning routine before heading off to work or into the day’s activities. The smooth taste and health benefits of most teas, make them ideal to accompany quiet times with God. Of course, morning isn’t the only time for tea.

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Yes, guys drink tea. I drink a variety of teas just for the fun of it. Yet, there are some I find intriguing, simply due to their names. Let me recommend a few to you.

Teavana Wellness Tea –  The names of these teas make them worth considering for your quiet times – Serenity, Rejuvenate, Recover, Purify, or Comfort. Of course, the tea itself will not bring about these realities. But, time with God paired with a drink like this certainly can’t hurt. This line of teas may be available at Starbucks. Or, you can go to the Teavana tea website and order some. Their teas are a bit pricy. Yet the variety they offer is fantastic. 

Piper & Leaf Monks Meditation – This is a winner! “Deep, Rich, Complex.” I drink this regularly and enjoy every sip. It is described as a Ceylon black tea, with a strong grenadine, smooth, banana-like vanilla finish. A bit of catnip and pomegranate peel calm and help bring healing to the body and soul. This is the perfect tea for someone like me. I know there are hundreds of semi-monastics out there who enjoy spending time with God in solitude. This tea pairs well with those quiet times. Go to their website and order some soon.

Mighty Leaf Aloe Serenity – I like the Mighty Leaf brand though I’ve never tried this particular tea. I’m not a huge green tea fan but I love the name. It sounds intriguingly soothing with rose petals, calming aloe, and small pineapple pieces included. If you like green teas, give this one a try. The name alone should do something for you. Click here for the website. 

Kusmi Sweet Love – Rhonda and I stumbled upon this tea while visiting Paris last year. It is a black tea fusing cardamon, licorice, cinnamon, guarana, pink peppercorn for a sweet taste. It is an aromatic, fresh, full-flavored tea that will delight your taste-buds. And who doesn’t need a little sweet love? I save this for special occasions like a mini-retreat in the afternoon. You can order it from their website.

So, give these a try when you want to enhance your time with God who made all things for us to enjoy…especially tea.

Let me know what you think. Do you have a well-named and flavorful tea you’d recommend? Let us know below.

Dr. K