Time with God is Not a Time Issue

Keith KettenringChristian Living, The Uncommon Journey

“I don’t have time!” “I’m raising my children, being a good wife and church member, and volunteering at our kids’ school.” Or, “I work 50-60 hours a week, coach Adam’s Little League team, and do church work. When do I have time for solitude with God?” I have been working with people on their spiritual lives for many years. The most potent way to connect with God is in solitude. But, the most frequent excuse for not spending time with God in solitude is, “I don’t have time.”

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Let’s do the math focusing on the essentials:

165 hrs./wk – 50 hrs/work – 10 hrs/sports and/or exercise – 10 hrs/church – 56 hrs/sleep – 10 hrs/eating – 10 hrs/family – 5 hrs/misc. – 3 hrs/house work = 11 hours discretionary time. If your work week is only 40 hours or you don’t do sports, you have even more time. Of course, it’s not as simple as doing the math. However, there really is time in your schedule to meet with God for even 1/2 hour a day = 3.5 hours/week.

You have been given 24 hours in a day. God must have thought that He’d given you enough time to accomplish what you’re supposed to. If not, He would have given you more. You have enough time.

It’s what you do with the time given you that matters.

If time is not the issue for meeting with God, why do you struggle to be consistent in your time with God? What issues cause the inconsistency?

Desire issue. What do you think God wants? He wants to meet with you. Jesus’ invitation to “Come to Me” (Mt. 11.28) demonstrates this. He even gives you the desire. The issue for you then becomes how you cooperate with Him to desire what He desires. You have the desire from God. So, the question becomes, “How do I cooperate with Him?”

Information issue. Perhaps a daily time of solitude with God is a new concept for you. You need instruction. This may be one reason you’re reading this blog. Or, you have too much information. You’re paralyzed by all the options available to you about meeting with God. Simple is best. Not enough information or too much information. Either way, you’re stuck.

Discipline issue. You struggle with follow-through. You have everything you need to be consistent except the discipline to do it. Perhaps you struggle with discipline issues in other areas of your life – eating, exercise, leisure, or finances – and carving out time for God is just another one.

Motivation issue. There are underlying reasons for lack of motivation. But those would all fade away if I gave you $500 a day to meet with God. Would that motivate you to meet with God everyday? So, the issue may be, do you think time with God is more valuable to you than $500?

Larnelle Harris sang, “I Miss My Time with You” (1988). That song helped motivate me many years ago to meet with Jesus. It may be the same for you. Please click here to hear the song.

Share below your struggles and/or successes in meeting with God.

Dr. K