To People Who Want To Know God Better But Can’t Get Started

Keith KettenringChristian Living, The Uncommon Journey

Here is a scripture phrase that will help jump-start your relationship with God. It challenges you to be more than you are. It invites you to reflect on your current practices and make some changes. Here it is:

Draw near to God and he will draw near to you. (James 4.8)

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Why is this message from St. James so challenging? 

  • It places the initiative for intimacy with God on you. God is already close to you. You are the one who needs to make the first move so that intimacy happens.
  • The closeness is with God. Isn’t God far away? Distant? Uninvolved? Clueless? Do you think He can’t relate to you? God becoming human (Jesus) proves all that wrong.
  • Nearness with God is something that’s uncomfortable. Since God is so different from you, how can there be a close relationship? How can you feel close to a God you don’t trust? You’re not sure He loves you enough for a close relationship. What will He do to you if you get close? Come close. God is not who you think He is.
  • There are confusingly different ways to do this. Do you come near in prayer? By reading scripture? By going to church? Through meditation? By journaling? By taking retreats? By taking walks in the woods? By listening to praise music? By memorizing scripture? By reading books? By attending a Bible study group? By doing all, or some, of the above? Please. Keep it simple.
  • The reality of change frightens you. To get close to God you’ll have to change some things. When you get closer to God you know a whole lot will need to change. And you don’t want to change. Yet, down deep, you know you need to change.
  • You don’t want to do this alone. If you make it a goal to live life near to God, you sense that not many will journey with you. Perhaps no one. Where will help and companionship come from?

We, at the UnCommon Journey, are doing all we can to help you draw close to God so that you will experience His loving nearness. We are companions with you on your journey. You are not alone. We can help. Engage our posts. Put into practice the ancient-modern ideas we present. Contact Keith for personal help.

I want this invitation God offers through St. James to become a reality for you.

  • Desire it for yourself.
  • Repent (change direction for yourself) and begin to discover how to draw close to God.
  • Meet with God in solitude with the only agenda item to be with Him.
  • Read my ebook, Journey to Stillness, for help.
  • For personal help and/or with questions, email me: [email protected].

What keeps you from drawing close to God? Share your struggles and successes below.

Dr. K