Welcome to The UnCommon Journey of Transformation

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Welcome to a new blog site dedicated to you and your spiritual journey. It is written in a straightforward and honest, but loving, manner. It is filled with time-honored yet easily accessible principles and points which you can apply to your life little by little. A majestic oak tree does not spring up overnight. It quietly and consistently draws from the resources God supplies decade after decade. Eventually, it becomes a beautiful strong tower. All you need is already available to you. You need to know how to participate in what has been supplied. As you actually experience the reality of God yourself (the Scriptures call it “knowing God”), you begin to take on His beauty, love, and goodness.

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Learn from the Masters 

There are masters of Christian spirituality who know God and humanity in ways we moderns desire but struggle to incorporate into our lives. These men and women did not study volumes of writings about God. They intimately and authentically lived with Him for decades. Only then did they write about their experience of Him. We have much to learn from them. We can take the time to pay attention and listen, taking what they say to heart and living it.

Tapping the Explorer in You 

This blog brings you hope and healing on your spiritual journey. I invite you to:

1. Explore the spiritual wisdom and simplicity of ancient writers. They enlighten your hearts to authentically know God. Shed the complicated schemes that leave you frustrated or fearful. Explore the simple (though often challenging) tools that actually work to transform your life.

2. Explore a realness and humility that speaks to your heart and nurtures your soul. Enough pontificating and theorizing! You need clear and authentic guidance that results in a transforming life.

3. Explore the spiritual and life issues you struggle with. Are you tired of making little progress in dealing with inner struggles and emotional hang-ups? There are ways to make progress little by little. Whoo hooo!!

4. Explore the companionship necessary for your journey. I’m someone who struggles in my relationship with God. How about you and me journeying together? I’m no expert nor do I have all the answers but I’m willing to be your virtual companion.

5. Explore what it is to become Christian. God the Father and His Son are the only “I AMs” the rest of us are “becomers.”

6. Explore how to rely upon the grace and mercy of God in all things. This is a biggie – Learn to be diligent at walking in grace and mercy.

7. Explore the simplicity and ease of life in Christ. Transformation takes place in relationships. Most notably it happens in your relationship with the Trinity. You learn from Jesus how to relate to the Father and the Spirit – stress free & easy.

My goal is to post 3-4 times a week; to consistently write and interact with you. Please be patient with me as I learn this new communication tool. Pray as I try to participate with God in what He’s doing in your life and mine.

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Welcome to The UnCommon Journey!

Dr. K