When All Is Said And Done…

Keith KettenringChristian Living, The Uncommon Journey

I meandered through LifeWay Christian Store yesterday and felt an odd sadness. There were thousands of books on every Christian-related subject imaginable. It was like each book was screaming at me with information that every writer thought I needed to know. And, I wasn’t even in the music section where these same kinds of messages are drummed into the ears of an unsuspecting audience. People who think they know God, think about God and then tell me what they think about God. Literally, I’m not buying it anymore. 

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I wanted to run away and be with God that I might truly know Him in quiet stillness. “Stop telling me stuff about God. Stop talking to me about prayer, about the bible, about theology, about how to live the Christian life, about church, or about studying the bible.” BS might stand for bible study; then again it might stand for something else.  

There is a quote that sums up us modern Christians more than any quote I’ve heard in a while. 

 When all is said and done, there is more said than done. 

What you need are companions who actually, experientially know God. You need help to have a relationship with God that transforms your heart and soul, that challenges your ego and passions, that helps you die to your self, that helps you repent of self-righteousness, that connects you with His church in which you actually experience union with the Holy Trinity, and that helps you love others humbly and graciously. 

You don’t need more information. You need more transformation. 

Books can only take you so far. They may give you good information about God. But, only in an intimate relationship of union with God can you truly know God.

This relationship is not something you get from books, sermons, or contemporary music. This relationship can not be satisfied by the intellect or the emotions. 

Song writers…Authors…Preachers…Teachers…Parents…Verse quoters …Christian celebrities…

…instead of writing, talking, singing, and quoting things about God why don’t you actually live it for 5 – 6 decades? Then you just might (maybe, perhaps) have a little to say. 

A better approach to the things of God is silence. Until you sincerely struggle to live what you say, be quiet. 

But, that doesn’t sell books or CDs, does it.

It’s true, more is said than done. 

I’ve said enough. 

Dr. K