You Are On a Journey

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A 4th century monk took a pilgrimage to Rome. After his arrival he was told of a celebrated recluse, a holy woman, who lived every day in one small room. The monk himself was a great wanderer. So, he was skeptical of her way of life. He paid her a visit in that small room. He asked, “Why are you sitting here?” To which she replied, “I am not sitting. I am on a journey.”* This woman embodies the reality of spiritual movement. It may not look like much is happening on the outside. But, there is always some spiritual activity going on inside. 

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I have two nieces that recently gave birth – one a beautiful girl and the other a handsome boy. During a pregnancy there is much unseen activity taking place every second. Every part of a new body is being formed constantly – heart, circulatory system, brain, face, muscles, bones, organs, hair, eyesight, and immune system. Yet, an outsider would never know it apart from an ultrasound and a growing tummy. 

Even solids possess particles whose molecular motion is shown in very small vibrations of the atoms. You might say, everything is moving. Even solids are mostly empty space held together by “energy” – “objects are really just clouds of tiny particles held together by powerful electrical forces.” (see article)

Could this “force” be God Himself sustaining all things in the universe? (Colossians 1.17; Acts 17.28; Hebrews 1.3) Could this “force” be God “who is everywhere present, filling all things?”  

I’m not talking quantum physics here. Reading that stuff makes my eye-balls swim! 

My point is: everything is in motion. Even that which looks like it is standing still is moving. Nothing is as it was a few seconds ago. 

You are on a journey whether you see it or not. In God you live, move, and have your being. 

So, in stillness, God is working. In darkness, God is enlightening. In uncertainty, God is assuring. In difficulties, God is strengthening. When stuck, God is moving. 

The internal, unseen, quiet, steadfast energy of God is always moving in you. He is all about conforming you to the likeness of His Son.

Are you participating in His movement? Are you internally in motion with Him? 

Are you on a journey to know God in relationship and transformation? 

“I’m not sitting. I’m on a journey.” 

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Dr. K 

*P.S. I am indebted to Fr. John Oliver for this story.