Your Spiritual Journey is Super-Important to The UnCommon Journey

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A survey? I don’t want to fill out no stinkin’ survey! Who cares what I think, anyway?  I bet it doesn’t matter if I do or if I don’t. Besides, I don’t have time to do it. And, I really don’t need a couple days of peace and quiet.

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A few days ago I sent you an email containing a survey. And here’s WHY —

  1. I care about what you think. When I was pastoring, I set the agenda for my preaching. In other words, I gave the people what I thought they needed to hear. That is not the approach of The UnCommon Journey. I want to address your needs. I want to enter the spiritual conversations you’re having and be a part of them. But, I don’t know what conversations you’re having. Let me know. Your issues matter to me. I want to help you on your spiritual journey. So, I have to know what’s going on with your journey.
  2. It matters that you fill out the survey.  By telling us what you think and experience, you are helping others. You face the same spiritual struggles and challenges others face. You might feel that your situations are unique. In some ways they are. Yet, there are common challenges that everyone who seeks God must deal with. Whether you’re 25 years old or 75, there is much about God and your journey with Him that is shared by all. Your input matters to others. If you don’t think your input will help you, then do it for others.
  3. Though you are busy, you can find 15-20 minutes to complete 25 simple questions. It’s more a matter of “want to.” Realize that your input will help you find better content in The UnCommon Journey posts. In other words, you are helping yourself by filling out the survey. Certainly, it helps me to gauge how things are going so far and what to address in the future. But more importantly, you are helping yourself.
  4. Imagine a couple days of carefree living. That’s what you could enjoy if you fill out the survey and are chosen. You’ll receive a $100 travel voucher and two days at Homestead Hospitality House. The voucher/money is yours if you live close by or far away. The days at HHH will refresh your soul.

The deadline is midnight, November 2nd. 

You received the survey on Saturday, October 24. Check spam if you did not see it in your regular inbox.

A huge THANK YOU to all who have already completed the survey. You’re input is highly valued!

Thanks for your feedback!!

Dr. K