Cuss Words That Have the “Holy Stamp of Approval”

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Tim Hawkins is one of the funniest guys you’ll ever see. He has some routines that make you laugh so hard you’ll have tears and sore sides. At times he’s brilliant bordering on genius. At least he’s extremely talented. He delivers hilarious lines, plays guitar, memorizes a ton of stuff, and sings imitations of popular songs to his own lyrics.

In the above video he gives a list of alternative cuss words some of which you’ve probably used. I wonder if his little comments are improvisations or prepared. Whatever they are, they’re priceless.

Watch it. And, if you can, “go with him on this.” Lighten up and enjoy yourself.

If you think this gig is funny, click here to catch his appearance at Liberty University. “That’s the Worst!” is probably the funniest routine I’ve ever seen and heard.

There have been a few times the past two months when our family watched Tim on Youtube together. We move from one routine to another unable to get enough of him. I have never laughed so hard.

What I learn from Tim is to not take myself so seriously nor my understanding of Christianity. For the most part, because we’re dealing with God, the Bible, and theology, we think we’ve got to be serious and right all the time.

Yet, the Christian “world” is full of irony, miscues, and stupidity. We should be happy it’s that way because you and I fit right in.

Do I hear an “Amen?” Or at least a “shut the front door!”