Here’s Good News: You’re Still a Sinner. You Can Stop Obsessing Over Being Perfect.

Keith KettenringChristian Living, Motley Christian, Passions

Do you feel pressure to act like an exceptional Christian? Are there people around you telling you that you’re perfect in Christ so live like it? Or, are you uptight about looking good in front of others so they’ll be impressed with your spirituality? Truth is, there is no pressure to perform well as a Christian. Your sin should teach … Read More

Confessions of A Great Pretender

Keith KettenringChristian Living, Church, Motley Christian, Passions

For a few weeks I’ve been struggling with anger and shame. I am angry with myself because I’m so freakin’ obsessed with looking good spiritually and physically before others. I am angry at the condition of the modern evangelical church as I read about stupid, ego-driven pastors leading unaware and superficial people. The struggle becomes more intense as I reflect … Read More