Confessions of A Great Pretender

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For a few weeks I’ve been struggling with anger and shame. I am angry with myself because I’m so freakin’ obsessed with looking good spiritually and physically before others. I am angry at the condition of the modern evangelical church as I read about stupid, ego-driven pastors leading unaware and superficial people. The struggle becomes more intense as I reflect … Read More

Maggie and Ted Go To Church and a Revival Breaks Out. See For Yourself!

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Last week, Motley Christians Maggie and Ted visited 1st Holiness Pentecostal Apostolic Deliverance Love-to-all-the-people Christian Assembly and, praise to the God of all music, the spirit let loose. Wowzee!! As those youngsters say, “Killer!” They’d never seen so many kids moved by the spirit. Inspiring! Stirring! Spine Tingling! Astonishing! Before the preachin’ began, the guest musician, Jerome Lewis, really got … Read More

“Let Me Tell You What Jesus Means”….and Other BS (Banal Stupidity)

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et me apologize ahead of time. I’m ticked. A couple nights ago, I listened to a well-known international Bible teacher confidently tell me stuff about the Bible and God. Most if it was a plate full of cheesy personal opinion, shredded theologically-biased information loaded with spicy logic wrapped in a shell of warm sincerity. I like tacos, but not at every … Read More

What They Don’t Learn in Seminary

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Please don’t be impressed by  people who go to seminary to be ministry leaders. They may have a Master’s degree but that doesn’t mean they have what it takes to make it in ministry. I’ll never forget attending a graduation ceremony at The Master’s Seminary. John MacArthur stood before the seminary grads and audience and proudly announced, “Because these graduates … Read More